Why Hire the Claus Team?

We will do the best job for you in the 4 key areas of selling:


1.  Merchandising

·         Getting your property in front of more buyers

2.  Marketing

·         Multiple phots and visual tour on all websites

·         Information about your property

·         customized flyer on your home

·         Communication on the process of selling

·         Weekly updates on marketing pieces

·         Continuous communication with The Claus Team staff

3.  Staging

·         Preparing your home for the "movies"

·         Education of proven strategies as you prepare your home for the sale

4.  Negotiating

·         Knowledge of the market as a whole

·         Knowledge of the most up to date sales

·         Familiar with the appraisal process

·         Selling homes for MORE not SELLING MORE homes

Always keep in mind that realtors are not in competition, your home is in competition with all the other homes on the market!

Jeanine Claus
Jeanine Claus
Sales Executive